Discover Lake Saimaa Region

ringed seal, Lake Saimaa.

Photo by: Visit Saimaa

Travel tips to the Lake Saimaa Region

Once you’re here, there’s loads to do; places to visit, attractions, activities and events. Local people in the Saimaa region are friendly and easygoing. They receive visitors cordially and strive to provide friendly customer service. If you’re looking for a place that combines natural beauty, rich culture, cuisine and variety of activities, Lake Saimaa is the right place.  

Mikkeli is one of the biggest second home regions in Finland, and aside from private cottage-owners, there is also a wide selection of rental cottages available. A cottage is preferably by a lake, and it always has its own sauna, where Finns can enjoy their hot and steamy löyly (it’s impossible to live without!).  

Taste Saimaa and local cuisine

In the Saimaa region, food is prepared from fresh and pure natural ingredients. There are many local producers. Vendace, the most important fish in the Finnish diet, thrives in the clean water of Lake Saimaa, and it is served by most of the local restaurants, prepared in various ways.  

The Mikkeli region is a treasure trove of local and organic food. Tasty berries, wild mushrooms, fish and game from the nature of the Saimaa region are the purest food in the world. Set out on a culinary journey to the source of pure, authentic flavours and enjoy fresh, delicious local food around the province! 

As fishing, berry picking and mushroom picking are an important part of the local lifestyle, it is of course natural that you can see it also in the local cuisine. Local food is one of Mikkeli’s fortés, and especially recently many new restaurants specialising in local ingredients and natural flavours have opened their doors in the region. Places you have to absolutely try: Bistro Holvi, Tertti Manor, Kenkävero Manor, Pistohiekka Resort, Sahanlahti Resort’s restaurant Koskivahti. 

Did you know local Tertti Manor was chosen to the National Geographic Best of The World 2024: Restaurants list!

Food From Lake Saimaa

Photo by: Visit Saimaa

See and do

Mikkeli offers memorable experiences. Have fun in the exclusive attractions, mansions and gardens, fall in love with contemporary art, nature trails and thousands of years old rock paintings. There are countless opportunities to enjoy the culture of South Savo. 

The magnificent nature of Lake Saimaa invites you to enjoy hikes, relax and breathe the fresh air. In addition to breathtaking landscapes, the region offers precious cultural history and rare geosites. Visit, for instance, the prehistoric rock paintings at Astuvansalmi in Ristiina or head to Lake Luonteri, the maze-like wilderness in Anttola.