Lake Saimaa

Mikkeli – The Capital
of Clean Water

Water is vital for life. Our lake nature is extremely valuable, and our province
has the cleanest waters in the world. Water, forest and food are the focus
points of the regional strategy of South Savo.


Mikkeli, South-Savo, Finland

We bring out the importance and possibilities of water from different perspectives, from researchers to companies in the field, residents of the
region and tourists.

We welcome you to join this highly important and professional event in Mikkeli, which is gate to the Lake Saimaa.

Mikkeli Water Week

17.9. Finnish Lakeland Forum (FLF) 2024

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Mikkeli Water Week

18.-19.9. International Conference on Emerging Trends in Water Treatment (ETWT) 2024

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Photo by: Pihla Liukkonen, Kontrastia

Week program

The program for Mikkeli Water Week consists of various events, including a water-themed orienteering, Finnish Lakeland Forum seminar, Emerging Trends in Water Treatment international conference and a family event day at the library.

Mikkeli Water Week program
Blue Economy Mikkeli

Blue Economy Mikkeli

Blue Economy Mikkeli (BEM) brings together top experts in the water sector. Mikkeli’s strengths and investment in water expertise are recognised nationally and internationally.

One example of this is the innovation ecosystem agreement that Mikkeli has signed with the Ministry of Employment and the Economy to develop a centre of excellence between 2021 and 2027.

Mikkeli – The Capital
of Clean Water

The Mikkeli region is located in the province of South Savo. In Mikkeli, you will find the perfect mix of nature experiences and local life.

Mikkeli is located between a few big lakes – Lake Puula, Lake Kyyvesi, and of course, Lake Saimaa.

Photo by: Veera Kinnunen

Mikkeli - the capital of clean water
Water in a Changing World
Connecting the Dots

Water pollution is a multifaceted problem consisting of various sources, contaminants, and impacts.
Collaboration is essential to tackle the complexity and scale of water pollution problems. Attending ETWT-2024 will be a valuable investment in knowledge, networking,
and collaborative efforts for actionable solutions and partnerships that will shape the future of water sustainability.”

Amit Bhatnagar, Academic director of ETWT, LUT University

Mikkeli Water Week : useful information

Useful information

You can easily travel here by car, bus or train – just a couple hours travel from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. We have a lovely accommodations here in Mikkeli.

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Presenting organisations 

Mikkeli Water Week is organized together with founders of the Blue Economy Mikkeli centre of excellence:

City of Mikkeli, LUT University, Mikkeli Development Miksei, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk), Mikkeli University Consortium (MUC) and Blue Economy Mikkeli (BEM).

Photo by: Pihla Liukkonen, Kontrastia

Mikkeli Water Week - Water treatment 2024
Juha Kauppinen
”Water – a matter of course,
a necessity and resource”

Juha Kauppinen, BEM coordinator, City of Mikkeli

ringed seal, Lake Saimaa.

Mikkeli is the gate to Lake Saimaa

Lake Saimaa itself is the largest of Finland’s lakes and connects several of the larger towns. You won’t find a lake like this anywhere else.

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